25 October 2012

Ever tried a green smoothie?

Besides being incredibly healthy, they're extremely delicious and super easy to make. And best of all: you will not taste the spinach at all. The fruity flavors completely overpower the spinach. Convinced?
Well, onto the recipe then.

What you'll need:

Start off by cutting the orange in half and squeezing the juice into your blender. Secondly, cut all of the fruit into small pieces. Then simply toss everything into your blender, and blend! If you're having trouble blending everything together, add some water. Pour into two large glasses and enjoy this healthy treat!

Easy as pie, right?


  1. Ziet er heel goed uit, ik heb gisteren net spinazie gekocht dus misschien dat ik er ook eens een smoothie mee ga maken. Grappig trouwens dat jouw blog madebyrosie heet. Mijn blog heet lifebyrosie ;-)!

    1. Zeker doen! En wat toevallig inderdaad, maar zo'n originele naam is het nu ook weer niet ;)

  2. morgen cross ik naar de winkel om fruitjes und spinazie!