22 October 2012

Ever since a couple of weeks, I’ve been playing with the idea of starting a baking blog, and here it finally is!
This week I was planning on baking an apple pie with apples from our garden. But when I got home, I stumbled upon some overripe bananas which my mother was about to throw away. Luckily, my sister saved them from my mothers cruel hands ;) I decided to turn the bananas into this delicious bananabread.

If you’re a lover of banana and chocolate, you’ll love this cake to death. The sweetness of the ripe banana and the bitterness of the dark chocolate make for a killer combo.

This will also make your house smell divine! 

recipe by Martha Stewart, with slight alterations
This recipe makes one loaf of bananabread. You could also make it healthier by reducing the butter and using applesauce instead. Replace the flour with wholewheat flour and use non fat sour cream instead of the regular type. Leave out the chocolate chips or replace them with chopped walnuts. 



  1. Nom, bananenbrood! Ja, die broek van Selected Femme zit echt super, waar heb je de bordeaux versie gevonden? :) I want them all :) X

  2. Ik paste deze in de Cream in Gent, in de Limits hadden ze hem ook. Het is wel zeker al een maand geleden en het waren toen al de laatste stuks! x

  3. my god. nu krijg ik honger!
    mooie foto's op je blog :)